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Why is Meridian English certified by the British Council?

Why is Meridian English certified by the British Council?

Author: Anna Steindel

Date: 28/09/2022

Author: Anna Steindel

Date: 28/09/2022

The recognition of the British Council is the demonstration that all our courses and teachers have been subjected to a rigorous quality assessment. Schools that have been accredited by the British Council represent the best option for learning English, so if you want your children to learn English online from the best, Meridian School of English is your best option.

The British Council is the UK’s international organisation that fosters cultural relations and educational opportunities. This means that they are responsible for ensuring the quality of education in the UK. If you are still not sure what it means to be certified by the British Council or what the strict requirements of accreditation mean, do not miss a word from this post to understand it correctly.

The British Council accreditation guarantees the quality of education

The education of our children requires the best that we can give them. Therefore, if you are thinking about your son or daughter learning English online, you should make sure to choose a school accredited by the British Council. Schools that pass these assessment processes:

  • Have highly qualified teachers.
  • Follow special methodologies in accordance with the quality standards required by the British Council.
  • Offer effective protection and supervision to those under the age of 18.
  • Have safe facilities that allow the correct training of students.
  • Develop brochures and advertising materials that accurately reflect what is provided in English courses.
  • Have adequate emergency procedures in place, known to all: staff and students.

The schools accredited by the British Council ensure the highest quality standards

What is the British Council inspection process?

At Meridian School of English, we offer the best online English courses for children from 6 to 12 years old. Our main objective is the training of children, pretending that they reach their maximum level while having fun in online English classes. To ensure this quality, we go through an inspection process in which the British Council carries out:

  • Complete inspections of each centre every four years.
  • Re-inspections of all new places within 18 months.
  • Random verification inspections.
  • ELT’s specialist inspectors carry out inspections.
  • A committee of experts moderates inspection reports.
  • Publicly available inspection criteria, specific to the needs of international English learners.
  • Publicly available report summaries and complete inspection reports.

The British Council's certification process is also strict and rigorous

We have the best online English course for children from 6 to 12 years old

At Meridian English, we are very proud to be accredited by the British Council. Through this certificate, we can assure all parents that their children will be able to learn English in an effective and entertaining way. In addition, having this certificate allows for improving the levels of management, teaching, well-being and resources in organizations that are dedicated to teaching English, especially for children aged 6 to 12 years. You can confirm our presence on the official website of the British Council by doing click on this link

If you want to receive more information about our classes or have any questions about our course, write to us at hello@meridianenglish.com or contact us directly through web chat.

Focused on the quality: that is how our online English classes are for kids

Focused on the quality: that is how our online English classes are for kids

Author: Anna Steindel

Date: 05/10/2022

Author: Anna Steindel

Date: 05/10/2022

Are you still thinking about which English classes are the best for your children, but you are not sure? Sometimes we need time to think through many things and learn their pros and cons to make the right decision. If you do, do not worry. That is fine – especially when it comes to your children’s education. English language training for kids is a particularly tough decision. At Meridian School of English, we give everything we can to ensure that the quality of our online English classes for kids always meets the highest standards.

Our long-standing experience, more than 40 years, has taught us a lot. It has helped us to understand how to work with international students – from all over the world. Our teachers are doing their best to give your children the best possible knowledge. Let’s think about it together. If it is not enough, read on because there is much more…

Higher quality standards than the rest of the English schools

Why is our quality superior to other English schools? You are wondering why the courses for English online vary by the academy. Our methodology focuses on learning and the highest quality. We strongly believe, that group classes are much more effective than individual classes. Moreover, in our school teachers are British qualified, helping children to learn English correctly, both for grammatical level and vocabulary.

Highly educated teaching staff in Meridian

In our school, we have highly knowledgeable and dedicated teachers, who in addition to being British citizens or residents in the UK – have qualifications accredited by Cambridge University or Trinity College London. Haven’t checked that yet? Click here. Many of them have experience of no less than a few or even a dozen years. Alastair, Iris, Steven, Zsofia, Shona, Kim, Ingrid, Rebecca, and more… What connects all teachers from our Meridian English School? They all are continuously updating their knowledge of teaching techniques and skills. If you want your child to learn things as they are and do not mix concepts or learn with inaccurate pronunciation, customs or characteristics, Meridian School of English is the best option.

Materials adapted to the age and level of education

Often language schools require a special Student’s book and workbook. So that means your kid needs to have the next book, which will be needed only for the duration of the course, and then it will gather dust on the desk. Some schools provide content that the quality of the materials leaves a lot to be desired. Then there are doubts as to whether the choice was appropriate.

Oxford University Press Materials and our great commitment

Our only surprise is the high quality of teaching in our online English classes – you get all the valuable and important information from us first. Moreover, our students are exposed to the highest quality materials from Oxford University Press, adapted to the age and level of education due to their technological advancement. Online materials are supplemented with custom, teacher-created content. You can read about our methodology here. At Meridian, we do not rely solely on materials developed by the publishing house but above all, our creativity and dedicated experienced teachers. Our flexible syllabus means that our students get the support they really need to improve.

Contact with English teachers – not only for children

Email or a message is sometimes the only option to know your kid’s improvement. Sometimes schools offer special meetings with parents and teachers. It happens that the feedback is on the special platform – but is also just a message. Unwanted contact is often not used by parents. Only why, if it is a great opportunity in the progress of learning English by children. At Meridian School of English, the feedback is given to parents after each class, and the course certificate is delivered after the 3 months that each course lasts.

Communication with parents is a key to learning

Our teachers stay in touch with parents because we know that the key is communication. Especially, if the children are very young. We are very committed to good relations, that is why the feedback from our teachers is kept up to date. It is for the benefit of all sides.

Benefits for students

What students learn in our online English courses is confidence when speaking English, which they get with a mix-nationality group conversation. Confidence gives them a better start for the future. Six children from different parts of the world will learn easier not only: speaking, listening, pronunciation or grammar. In Meridian, they also learn to make new friends and know other cultures.

Learning English more enjoyable

Through our online English lessons, we will help them to use technology and become more independent. Children must overcome the fear of speaking in a foreign language and accept themselves in this role. We will not immediately learn perfectly and correctly. If children understand that, the language and their learning become much more enjoyable.

We hope, now you know that our Online English classes for kids are worth their quality. Our courses are created so that your children learn useful things and do them in a proper way. There’s nothing better than your satisfaction with learning English for children with fun. Check out other articles – here.

Do you want more details about our online English classes? Write to us at hello@meridianenglish.com. We are looking forward to welcoming your child to our class! See you soon.

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Why is it good to choose online English classes for kids?

Why is it good to choose online English classes for kids?

Author: Anna Steindel

Date: 12/10/2022

Author: Anna Steindel

Date: 12/10/2022

If you are reading this article, it is because you are still not sure about the benefits of online English classes for children. If your little one has between 6 and 12 years old, the child is in the best stage of life to learn to speak another language, even to become bilingual.

As you have probably already observed, at this age boys and girls are like sponges, they absorb a lot of information than we can imagine at incredible speeds. Anyway, you may think that face-to-face classes have more benefits than online training, but you are not right. Just read this article. 

If you are worried that your son or daughter will not get the most out of their English classes, keep reading this article and find out why online English classes for children are the best option offered by Meridian English.

Advantages of online English classes for boys and girls

With the pace of life we lead, many parents do not have the necessary time to take their children to a language school.  The main advantage of online English classes for children is that they can be developed while you are at home doing any other activity. With this type of course, the kids can learn from home while you do other tasks or even household duties, or you can stay in the background keeping track of their progress, always within a safe environment.

But there is still more, learning English online will help children become technologically educated. We live in a society that uses all kinds of technologies every day: smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. Online English classes for children make children familiar with the use of technology during learning a new language.

Online English classes for children will improve their technical and communication skills

On the other hand, online English classes from Meridian, for boys and girls allow you to access the class again. for your son or daughter, so you can observe what he has learned every day, see your child’s evolution in the classes, know the skills of his teacher or discover the activities kid has done every day. In addition, from Meridian School of English, we are committed to giving you feedback after each class so you know exactly how your child is progressing.

Can young children learn English online easily?

There are several factors that make Meridian’s online English classes the best option to get your son or daughter to learn the language easily. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article,  6 to 12 years old children have a great facility for learning, which is why it is the ideal stage for them to manage themselves in a new language.

Using the e-learning material from Oxford University Press, we make sure that through songs, flashcards and games, children learn English online in an easy and funny way. All boys and girls learn much more when they do activities in the language they are learning and even more so if they participate in them with others of the same age. This is exactly the methodology proposed by Meridian English, for our online English classes for children of various nationalities, in which everyone participates, ensuring that all sessions are interactive and stimulating

Our online English School for children offer interactive, stimulating and effective classes for children's learning.

If you are interested you can find out how is the online English course for boys and girls from Meridian English just make click here. You can also watch the video that we put below and you will know why we have the best online English course for children.

Play Video

How can you find the best online English school for your children?

Meridian online English classes for kids are the best option for your little ones. All boys and girls from 6 to 12 years old can take part in our sessions, taught by British and highly qualified teachers. 

At Meridian School of English, we want to guarantee the quality of the teaching of your children, that’s why we are the only certified by the British Council, online English school for children. In this way, we assure all parents that their children learn English online with the most demanding quality standards in the UK.

In addition, the Meridian English methodology is based on interactive teaching, so boys and girls quickly get acquainted with the language, and classes are attractive to them. The main objective of Meridian online English classes for children is for the little ones to learn English in an effective way, at the same time having fun and playing with their peers from different nationalities

The Meridian English training program is focused on the individual needs of each student. All our teachers are British and trained at the University of Cambridge or Trinity College London, which ensures that learning becomes much more effective and the results can be seen much faster. 

If you want to receive more information about our classes or have any questions about our course, write to us at hello@meridianenglish.com or contact us directly through web chat.

Pros and Cons of online classes for children

Pros and Cons of online classes for children

Author: Anna Steindel

Date: 09/11/2022

Author: Anna Steindel

Date: 09/11/2022

Today, more and more decisions can be made using a computer without leaving the house. It’s not only decisions; many spheres of life have simply moved to the internet. A lot of language schools are available online, and it is not easy for parents to choose something suitable for their children.  

Online learning has many advantages, but unfortunately, there are also disadvantages. Have you ever wondered what the pros and cons of this education style are? Read on, and find out. 

Accessibility of online classes

As we have already mentioned, we know that there are many schools that offer foreign language learning. Each school is doing well, so which one should you choose? When considering studying in a face-to-face school or in an online school, it is worth weighing up the impact on your child’s other interests.

When learning English online, you have the time to develop other passions

Online classes are convenient and flexible. What does that mean? The timing and date of these classes are chosen by you, not by the teacher, so you can tailor your child’s classes to their weekly schedule of classes and responsibilities. Simple, right?

Access to quality teaching staff

Of course, the internet is a great source of online learning in language schools but also for self-study learning. However, the free materials online are often out of date, and it can be difficult to correct your own errors while you learn. 

A highly educated staff is key to your child’s success

Meridian School of English is a combination of online learning and creative education. Our teachers give are dedicated to ensuring that during the 30-minute lessons, children learn as much as possible. Our staff are highly qualified by Cambridge University or Trinity College London. In addition, they are residents of the UK or its citizens – that’s why we know that choosing our school is a guarantee of access to deep language knowledge and best teaching practices.

Opportunities for interaction with other children

Classes at Meridian English are a great opportunity to make new friends. Here, children are assigned to up to 6-person, mixed-nationality groups. You’re probably wondering why… 

Courage helps you speak English

All this is for the sake of the education and immersion of children within the English language. These groups give children the confidence to participate and communicate in English with their peers. In Meridian English, they enter a new society, which over time becomes a close-knit group, communicating without difficulty. 

More resources and greater flexibility

Online classes are not just lectures, during which the teacher takes over the whole lesson. Online classes can be very diverse. Are you wondering how this is possible? 

We use different methods to make learning fun

During classes at Meridian School of English, we use different student-centred methods, available thanks to technology. We can watch videos, more easily handle presentations or audio materials, and even solve puzzles or quizzes together. Did you know that Meridian English also uses interactive materials from Oxford University Press? Read about our methodology here

Saving time and money on commuting

In addition, the choice of online education allows you to develop children’s passions with them. The time that you would have to spend on taking your child to lessons, to a language school, you can enjoy playing together, relaxing or reading books in Englishhere we have given some of our suggestions.

During your child’s classes, you will have free time

In addition to saving time, you can also save money, which you can use in a system of small rewards for your child, for good academic results. You can also simply reinvest in subsequent lessons that will contribute much more to their education. 

Potential Drawbacks of online classes

Unfortunately, there are schools and teachers that are not able to use modern technology. In addition, they are not properly prepared to work online.

Meridian English teachers are constantly improving their skills and their teaching methods online. Their experience often exceeds several years of working with children. In addition, they make great use of the online environment, where they contact not only students during the lesson, but also parents, who get feedback after lessons. Every lesson is recorded, so repeating and reviewing the material from lesson to lesson is easy with our platform, and children are encouraged to learn regularly. 

Disadvantages are transformed into advantages at Meridian English

Is lack of interaction with other children a disadvantage? Perhaps, if the school lacks appropriate solutions. However, at Meridian School of English, children take part in classes in mixed, international groups. Why? We want to create the best opportunities possible for interaction between children. When there are no people who speak the same language nearby, this encourages children to talk in a foreign language.

What do you need to learn with Meridian? Your child’s desire to learn, a course booking, and an internet connection. We don’t use any complex systems – we only need MS Teams, which we have written about on our social media profiles. Look there to find out more. 

As you can see, online English lessons for kids are easy. Meridian classes have only pros but if you have any questions, just write to us at hello@meridianenglish.com. We are looking forward to meeting your child in our lessons!