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Meridian School of English started in 1979. At its peak Meridian was one of the largest providers for young learners in the UK, with over 4,500 students studying in eight British Council Accredited residential centres. Meridian developed its own educational platform which managed the booking process from initial enquiry to class confirmation. In 2020 Meridian fully digitised its business taking the teaching of English into the student’s home.


Providing Life Changing Opportunities Through Education & Experience


We are a UK Registered Training  Provider and a British Council  Accredited English Language School.  We are regularly inspected to  assure that we meet quality standards in management, resources and environment, teaching, welfare and the care of under 18s. We have been providing English language courses to students from all around the world for over 40 years. 


Meridian School of English is part of Tellus Education Group which incorporates Tellus College.


You can trust online learning with Meridian School of English, because we are a British school, accredited by British Council and are inspected regularly for both our physical and online programs.

Open new horizons and a digital window to the world.  Your child will connect with children around the globe, building up their  confidence and a positive learning habit.

We at Meridian promise you the following:

  1. Before starting a course, we will identify your  child’s individual learning  needs by engaging with you, the parent, and assessing their level.
  2. You will receive clear information about what the course involves, how much study time is required, and how you can get help  from your  child’s  teacher and/or the school administrative staff
  3. Your  child’s  teachers will be experienced, highly qualified and committed to ongoing professional development
  4. Classes will be regularly observed by  academic managers, to ensure the best possible online delivery and learning experience
  5. We will provide you, the parent, with clear information about the technology we use, the equipment your child will need and guidance to support  your  child’s  online experience at every step
  6. While your child is learning with us, you will receive feedback on their progress, and advice on how best to support them
  7. We will actively seek your  feedback so that we can learn and improve (we are all life-long learners)