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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Select the course and the number of sessions click on the Book button and the registration begins.
Click here to get the detailed guide of the equipment you need.
Once we receive your payment you will receive an automatic email with login details and how to access the portal, if not click here for support.

Course Information

All our courses start on a Monday (with the exception of UK public holidays). Where possible we aim to start courses within 14 days after registration.
Each course booking is calculated as a fixed number of sessions. 3, 6 and 12 month descriptions are for illustrative purposes only. At the booking stage you will see your official course start and finish dates that take any public holidays or school closures into account
Minimum 4 and maximum 6 students in every group. Trials may vary.
Delta is the Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and is an advanced TEFL qualification. It can only be taken by qualified English teachers with a few years of teaching experience who are looking to advance their qualifications.
If you do not know your level you can take our FREE online placement test.
Please follow this link to see the official list of British Council accredited centres.
Our classes are exclusively taught in English giving our students maximum exposure to the language. We use principled techniques to communicate with learners of all levels.
We ensure the quality of our classes in the following ways:
  • We hire high quality teachers.
  • We use high quality materials.
  • We record all our lessons for safeguarding and quality assurance purposes.
  • We conduct regular training, development and observation sessions with our staff.
This will depend entirely on the level of the class and the dynamic of the group. We are very conscious of the amount of schoolwork many of our students already have.
It is important to let us know if you feel the class to which you have been assigned is not the correct level. We do recommend that at least two weeks of full participation is needed to be sure that this is the case. Many English Language classes have students of mixed ability, and our teachers are trained to cater for all students in this environment.

Payments & Refunds

Click on the Book button and you will be directed to our payment gateway where you can choose your preferred type of payment. We support many types of payment, credit cards, PayPal, WeChat pay, Alibaba.
We have two payment solutions:
  • Full payment upon booking
  • Monthly Payments for the 1 year programmes (includes joining fee with the first payment)
For full information on cancellations and refunds, please refer to our Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions in short

For any bookings made with Meridian, there is a seven-day period during which you can cancel your booking without any charge. This applies to bookings made more that 28 days before the planned start of the course. If you cancel your programme within 28 days before the planned start, there is an administration fee of ₤50 (UK Pounds), If you cancel your programme within 10 days of the planned start date, there is no refund. All cancellations must be made in writing to Meridian (info@tellusgroup.co.uk). Any refunds will be made to the same account/facility your payment was made from. If you do not attend your course, arrive late or are absent during your programme, you will not be given a refund. Absent days are not added to the end of the programme
If you want to change your start date you must apply to us in writing (info@tellusgroup.co.uk) including a copy of your invoice. Changes to start days are at the discretion of Meridian. We will charge you an administration fee of ₤50 each time your course details are changed. If you change your course start date before 10 days of the start there is no charge. In exceptional circumstances such as sickness we will use our discretion.
There will be no study (class) on a National (public) holiday. The lost sessions will be added to the end of a programme. Consult the calendar of public holidays on our Calendar
School holidays (Vacations) are shown in the calendar available on the school website. There will be no study on these days and lost sessions will be added to the end of a programme. Calendar
If you arrange holiday during your programme, we request you to give us notice so that we know a child is officially absent. If you are under 18 holidays must be arranged with us by your guardian. These types of holidays cannot be added to the end of your programme.
If your child is going to be absent or taking leave, please give us notice so that we know a child is officially absent. These types of absent days cannot be added to the end of your programme. If your child has a long-term absence (more than three consecutive weeks) due to sickness, please provide documentary evidence such as a doctor's letter and the missed days will be added to the end of the programme.
We can exclude a child from the programme if there is evidence of:
  • gross misconduct
  • abusive behaviour, causing offence to staff at Meridian and or other students
In these cases, you will not be refunded any fees and we will accept no responsibility for providing an alternative.
Any complaints should first be made in writing to info@tellusgroup.com. Provided that a complaint is received within one month of the course ending and all fees have been paid, it will be investigated fully. If the matter is not resolved, then you may complain in writing to the CEO. In the unlikely event that the issue remains unresolved, the next step is to contact the governing body for all accredited language schools in the UK, the British Council. We will provide you with our complaint's procedure following receipts of your written complaint.

Returning Students

Please contact us for more information.

Technology Requirements

Click here to get the detailed guide of how to join your class.
A Windows 10 PC or Laptop device, or an iPad IOS 14 or higher. A webcam is essential, and we recommend using headphones for an optimal experience.
You will need access to Microsoft Teams. Students are sent their login details via email upon enrolment.

Bookings & Availability

The minimum age for our courses is 6 and the maximum age is 12.
Yes, we offer courses for students who are new to learning English.
We send an invoice upon receipt of payment.
If your course includes a UK public holiday there is no lesson on that day and your course will be extended. You will be notified in advance. Check out our holiday calendar here.


All our classes are 30 minutes.
We offer a range of class times for either the 5 or 3 days a week programme. To see the available class times and days, please visit our booking page.
Classes start and end punctually. We strongly recommend that students are ready to begin the class on time.
You can access a recording of the missed lesson to catch up on what was taught. Missed classes are not rescheduled or refunded.
If your teacher is ill during the course, we will organise a cover teacher to take your lesson. If no cover teacher is available, we will simply defer the lesson and extend the length of the course.