Focused on the quality: that is how our online English classes are for kids -

Focused on the quality: that is how our online English classes are for kids

Author: Anna Steindel

Date: 05/10/2022

Author: Anna Steindel

Date: 05/10/2022

Are you still thinking about which English classes are the best for your children, but you are not sure? Sometimes we need time to think through many things and learn their pros and cons to make the right decision. If you do, do not worry. That is fine – especially when it comes to your children’s education. English language training for kids is a particularly tough decision. At Meridian School of English, we give everything we can to ensure that the quality of our online English classes for kids always meets the highest standards.

Our long-standing experience, more than 40 years, has taught us a lot. It has helped us to understand how to work with international students – from all over the world. Our teachers are doing their best to give your children the best possible knowledge. Let’s think about it together. If it is not enough, read on because there is much more…

Higher quality standards than the rest of the English schools

Why is our quality superior to other English schools? You are wondering why the courses for English online vary by the academy. Our methodology focuses on learning and the highest quality. We strongly believe, that group classes are much more effective than individual classes. Moreover, in our school teachers are British qualified, helping children to learn English correctly, both for grammatical level and vocabulary.

Highly educated teaching staff in Meridian

In our school, we have highly knowledgeable and dedicated teachers, who in addition to being British citizens or residents in the UK – have qualifications accredited by Cambridge University or Trinity College London. Haven’t checked that yet? Click here. Many of them have experience of no less than a few or even a dozen years. Alastair, Iris, Steven, Zsofia, Shona, Kim, Ingrid, Rebecca, and more… What connects all teachers from our Meridian English School? They all are continuously updating their knowledge of teaching techniques and skills. If you want your child to learn things as they are and do not mix concepts or learn with inaccurate pronunciation, customs or characteristics, Meridian School of English is the best option.

Materials adapted to the age and level of education

Often language schools require a special Student’s book and workbook. So that means your kid needs to have the next book, which will be needed only for the duration of the course, and then it will gather dust on the desk. Some schools provide content that the quality of the materials leaves a lot to be desired. Then there are doubts as to whether the choice was appropriate.

Oxford University Press Materials and our great commitment

Our only surprise is the high quality of teaching in our online English classes – you get all the valuable and important information from us first. Moreover, our students are exposed to the highest quality materials from Oxford University Press, adapted to the age and level of education due to their technological advancement. Online materials are supplemented with custom, teacher-created content. You can read about our methodology here. At Meridian, we do not rely solely on materials developed by the publishing house but above all, our creativity and dedicated experienced teachers. Our flexible syllabus means that our students get the support they really need to improve.

Contact with English teachers – not only for children

Email or a message is sometimes the only option to know your kid’s improvement. Sometimes schools offer special meetings with parents and teachers. It happens that the feedback is on the special platform – but is also just a message. Unwanted contact is often not used by parents. Only why, if it is a great opportunity in the progress of learning English by children. At Meridian School of English, the feedback is given to parents after each class, and the course certificate is delivered after the 3 months that each course lasts.

Communication with parents is a key to learning

Our teachers stay in touch with parents because we know that the key is communication. Especially, if the children are very young. We are very committed to good relations, that is why the feedback from our teachers is kept up to date. It is for the benefit of all sides.

Benefits for students

What students learn in our online English courses is confidence when speaking English, which they get with a mix-nationality group conversation. Confidence gives them a better start for the future. Six children from different parts of the world will learn easier not only: speaking, listening, pronunciation or grammar. In Meridian, they also learn to make new friends and know other cultures.

Learning English more enjoyable

Through our online English lessons, we will help them to use technology and become more independent. Children must overcome the fear of speaking in a foreign language and accept themselves in this role. We will not immediately learn perfectly and correctly. If children understand that, the language and their learning become much more enjoyable.

We hope, now you know that our Online English classes for kids are worth their quality. Our courses are created so that your children learn useful things and do them in a proper way. There’s nothing better than your satisfaction with learning English for children with fun. Check out other articles – here.

Do you want more details about our online English classes? Write to us at We are looking forward to welcoming your child to our class! See you soon.

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