Pros and Cons of online classes for children -

Pros and Cons of online classes for children

Author: Anna Steindel

Date: 09/11/2022

Author: Anna Steindel

Date: 09/11/2022

Today, more and more decisions can be made using a computer without leaving the house. It’s not only decisions; many spheres of life have simply moved to the internet. A lot of language schools are available online, and it is not easy for parents to choose something suitable for their children.  

Online learning has many advantages, but unfortunately, there are also disadvantages. Have you ever wondered what the pros and cons of this education style are? Read on, and find out. 

Accessibility of online classes

As we have already mentioned, we know that there are many schools that offer foreign language learning. Each school is doing well, so which one should you choose? When considering studying in a face-to-face school or in an online school, it is worth weighing up the impact on your child’s other interests.

When learning English online, you have the time to develop other passions

Online classes are convenient and flexible. What does that mean? The timing and date of these classes are chosen by you, not by the teacher, so you can tailor your child’s classes to their weekly schedule of classes and responsibilities. Simple, right?

Access to quality teaching staff

Of course, the internet is a great source of online learning in language schools but also for self-study learning. However, the free materials online are often out of date, and it can be difficult to correct your own errors while you learn. 

A highly educated staff is key to your child’s success

Meridian School of English is a combination of online learning and creative education. Our teachers give are dedicated to ensuring that during the 30-minute lessons, children learn as much as possible. Our staff are highly qualified by Cambridge University or Trinity College London. In addition, they are residents of the UK or its citizens – that’s why we know that choosing our school is a guarantee of access to deep language knowledge and best teaching practices.

Opportunities for interaction with other children

Classes at Meridian English are a great opportunity to make new friends. Here, children are assigned to up to 6-person, mixed-nationality groups. You’re probably wondering why… 

Courage helps you speak English

All this is for the sake of the education and immersion of children within the English language. These groups give children the confidence to participate and communicate in English with their peers. In Meridian English, they enter a new society, which over time becomes a close-knit group, communicating without difficulty. 

More resources and greater flexibility

Online classes are not just lectures, during which the teacher takes over the whole lesson. Online classes can be very diverse. Are you wondering how this is possible? 

We use different methods to make learning fun

During classes at Meridian School of English, we use different student-centred methods, available thanks to technology. We can watch videos, more easily handle presentations or audio materials, and even solve puzzles or quizzes together. Did you know that Meridian English also uses interactive materials from Oxford University Press? Read about our methodology here

Saving time and money on commuting

In addition, the choice of online education allows you to develop children’s passions with them. The time that you would have to spend on taking your child to lessons, to a language school, you can enjoy playing together, relaxing or reading books in Englishhere we have given some of our suggestions.

During your child’s classes, you will have free time

In addition to saving time, you can also save money, which you can use in a system of small rewards for your child, for good academic results. You can also simply reinvest in subsequent lessons that will contribute much more to their education. 

Potential Drawbacks of online classes

Unfortunately, there are schools and teachers that are not able to use modern technology. In addition, they are not properly prepared to work online.

Meridian English teachers are constantly improving their skills and their teaching methods online. Their experience often exceeds several years of working with children. In addition, they make great use of the online environment, where they contact not only students during the lesson, but also parents, who get feedback after lessons. Every lesson is recorded, so repeating and reviewing the material from lesson to lesson is easy with our platform, and children are encouraged to learn regularly. 

Disadvantages are transformed into advantages at Meridian English

Is lack of interaction with other children a disadvantage? Perhaps, if the school lacks appropriate solutions. However, at Meridian School of English, children take part in classes in mixed, international groups. Why? We want to create the best opportunities possible for interaction between children. When there are no people who speak the same language nearby, this encourages children to talk in a foreign language.

What do you need to learn with Meridian? Your child’s desire to learn, a course booking, and an internet connection. We don’t use any complex systems – we only need MS Teams, which we have written about on our social media profiles. Look there to find out more. 

As you can see, online English lessons for kids are easy. Meridian classes have only pros but if you have any questions, just write to us at We are looking forward to meeting your child in our lessons! 


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