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How Meridian School of English Went From Old School to Digital Cool.

Author: Ren Cronje
Date: 6/06/2024

As parents, we all want the best for our children. We dream of them becoming confident communicators, global citizens, and lifelong learners. But how do we ensure that they acquire the essential skill of English in today’s digital world? Enter Meridian School of English – a transformation that bridges the gap between old-school teaching and cutting-edge online learning.

The Meridian Legacy

Before we dive into the digital coolness of Meridian, let’s rewind to the beginning. Meridian English School, established in 1979, was a beacon of education for young learners in the UK. Its residential centers welcomed thousands of students, fostering growth, friendships, and unforgettable experiences. But as the world changed, so did the way we learn.

The Digital Revolution

In 2020, Tellus Colleges made a bold move. It embraced the digital age, recognizing that learning doesn’t have to happen within four walls. We asked ourselves, ‘Is online school better than traditional school?’ and, due to the flexibility and convenience we offer our online students, we certainly believe it is. Thus, Meridian School of English was born – a virtual haven for language learners aged 5 to 13. No more commuting, no more rigid schedules. Instead, Meridian brings English lessons right to your child’s screen.

Lessons That Travel Beyond the Classroom 

Our method combines direct language learning and cultural exploration. In a typical food vocabulary lesson, students do more than just remember words; they engage in a lively discussion about various cuisines, exchanging stories about their favorite foods.  

This strategy makes learning more interesting and encourages greater awareness of different cultures. 

Why Meridian?


Tailored Learning 

At Meridian, we understand that every child is unique. Before starting our online English courses, we assess each student’s level and learning needs. Whether your child is a beginner or already familiar with English, we’ve got them covered.  

Experienced Teachers 

Our highly qualified teachers are passionate about nurturing young minds. They create engaging lessons, encourage interaction, and provide personalized feedback.  

Small Groups, Big Impact 

In our virtual classrooms, your child won’t get lost in the crowd. Small mixed nationality groups ensure active participation and meaningful connections.  

Core Skills Focus 

Reading, writing, speaking, and listening these are the building blocks of language. At Meridian, we hone these skills through our online English courses, preparing your child for real-world communication. With the youngest learners, our focus is on English fluency and pronunciation skills.

The Meridian Advantage


Global Reach

Meridian isn’t bound by geography. We welcome students from all corners of the world. Imagine your child learning alongside peers from different cultures and backgrounds!  

British Council Accreditation 

Our programs meet the highest standards. Your child’s progress is in safe hands.

Looking Ahead

Meridian School of English isn’t just about teaching English; it’s about empowering young learners. As parents, we’re part of this exciting journey. So, let’s celebrate the transformation – from old school to digital cool—and watch our children thrive in the language of the future.

Remember, the world is their classroom, and Meridian is their guide. Let’s embrace the digital learning evolution together!


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