How Children Learn English Online vs Their Home Language!

How Children Learn English Online vs Their Home Language!

Author: Ren Cronje
Date: 30/05/2024

As a parent, you’re always looking out for the best for your child. If you’re considering introducing them to English as a second language, you’ve made a fantastic choice! At The Meridian School of English, we understand the unique ways through which young children acquire a new language, and we’re excited to guide you through this journey. 

Young children learn languages differently from adults. They soak up new sounds, words, and phrases as they play and interact with the world around them. At Meridian, we create a learning environment that feels more like playtime and less like class time. This way, your child learns English naturally, just by being part of fun activities.

A Gentle Start with Listening

Children often start by understanding what they hear before they begin speaking. In our early lessons at Meridian, we place a significant emphasis in listening skillsOur lessons focus on key vocabulary and pronunciation through songs, stories, and interactive games – your child will begin to acquire English words and phrases without even realizing they’re learning!

The Difference Between Learning Your First Language and English as a Second Language 

Learning English as a second language at Meridian is different from how children learn their first language. Usually, children learn their first language naturally from the time they are born. They hear and use this language every day, learning without special lessons.  

However, learning English at Meridian includes organized activities and planned learning. We strive to make learning English fun, enjoyable and natural-like, with games and activities that help children feel like they are just playing, not studying. This way, we help make the transition from naturally learning a language to learning in a classroom easier. 

The Magic of Play

We believe in the power of play. Whether it’s singing along to catchy tunes, acting out stories, or playing games, these activities help children practice their new language in a stress-free way. Play allows them to experiment with language, make mistakes, and learn without fear. 

Making Everyday Moments Learning Opportunities 

At Meridian, we encourage you to use everyday moments as learning opportunities. Talk to your child in English during regular activities like mealtime, playtime, or while driving. It’s remarkable how much learning occurs through everyday simple interactions.   

It’s exciting to watch your child start to understand and then speak English. Initially, they might understand more than they can express. That’s okay! Encourage them by speaking slowly, using simple sentences, and repeating phrases so they can grasp them more quickly.  

Repetition Is Key 

Children learn through repetition as it results in a higher rate of retention. It might feel repetitive to us, but it’s helpful for them. At Meridian, our lessons often repeat songs, stories, and phrases to ensure the language sticks. 

Encouragement Over Correction 

Praise your child’s efforts to use English, no matter how small. This boosts their confidence and motivates them to keep trying. Remember, the goal is to make them love the language, not fear making mistakes.

Meridian’s Role in Your Child’s Language Journey

At Meridian School of English, we’re committed to making learning English a joyful and enriching experience. Our programs are designed to align with the natural way children learn languages. We’re here to support both you and your child every step of the way, providing you with the tools, activities, and strategies you need to continue the learning in the convenience of your home.


How Children Learn English Online vs Their Home Language!

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