How Parents Can Support Children Learning English

How Parents Can Support Their Children Learning English.

Author: Ren Cronje
Date: 06/06/2024

As a parent looking for an online English school for your child, knowing your role in their education, may make a big impact.

The Meridian School of English emphasizes a teaching technique that not only promotes your child’s language growth but also includes you as an important part of their learning journey, even if English is your second language.  

Here's how we do it, and how you can help your child learn English at home.

The Importance of Parental Involvement 

Parental involvement is crucial in online English lessons. When you participate, you’re not just observing – you’re actively enhancing the learning process. At Meridian, we encourage you to understand the grammar, vocabulary, and objectives of each lesson.

This dual learning path not only boosts your own language skills but also creates a supportive community feel at home. It’s about learning together and using everyday moments to reinforce lessons, whether through fun quizzes or casual revision.

How to Support Your Child Learning English without Overstepping 

Are you wondering how you may be engaged without being too annoying? It’s easier than you would imagine. Here’s how to support your child throughout the learning process:  

Encourage “play”: turn common household items, such as toys, food, or furniture, into a game to study language. Ask a question such as “What’s this?” and “Can you find something blue?” These activities make learning natural and enjoyable. You may also help by being present during classes to assist with technology use or to give gentle advice on homework.

Keep them interested between courses: use flashcards, watch English children’s shows, read books, and play language-based activities using materials that your child will enjoy most. Focusing on your child’s interests through these activities can help them maintain and improve their English exposure and ability.

Offer praise: children can be afraid of making mistakes in front of their peers, and they may feel more at ease experimenting with their parents. Be sure to praise them when they succeed and encourage them to be confident when learning and speaking English at home.

The Impact of Your Engagement on Your Child’s English Learning 

Your involvement directly affects your child’s motivation. When children see you engaged and interested, it motivates them to participate even more eagerly.

This working together transforms learning into a shared adventure, making learning English more enjoyable for children rather than a task to be completed.

How to Overcome Challenges 

Online learning poses certain challenges, such as attention span, finding a quiet spot, and technical concerns. Meridian recommends setting up a designated learning environment and maintaining a reliable internet connection.

Our friendly teachers are available to assist you and your child in establishing a comfortable relationship, making the beginning courses a little easier.

Tools and Resources to Support You and Your child on Their English Learning Journey 

Meridian provides various materials to help you effectively support your child.  

You may connect with your child after class hours by listening to lesson recordings, singing along to songs, and using interactive tools to help them remember what they have learned. 

Common Misconceptions 

Some parents may be concerned that their children won’t understand what is being taught or that their involvement would be discouraged.

Meridian understands these concerns and ensures that our teaching techniques evaluate and adjust your child’s and your language competence levels. Translations can be useful, but our primary focus is on improving direct interaction and understanding skills in English.

Guidance for Non-English-Speaking Parents 

Meridian utilises multilingual communication and tools to ensure that parents with a limited English proficiency can easily follow along and assist their children’s learning without language challenges. 

How Your Help Improves Your Child’s English Learning Consistency 

At Meridian School of English, we believe that your active participation is key to your child’s success in learning English online.

By joining forces, we can turn the challenge of learning a new language into a fulfilling journey of shared achievements.


Five Lifelong Benefits of Learning English Online for Your Child.

If you’re wondering what the benefits are for children learning English, other than simply being able to speak and write in their new language, then this is for you. Let’s look at why teaching your child English online at Meridian is more than simply a learning experience.

Unlocking Your Child’s Potential to Learn English Together

How can parents help children learn English without overstepping? As a parent looking for an online English school for your child, knowing your role in their education, may make a big impact. Wondering how you may be engaged without being too annoying? It’s easier than you would imagine, here’s how to support your child.


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