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The Meridian School of English Is Where Tradition and Modern Learning Meet.

Author: Ren Cronje
Date: 06/06/2024

What is the best online English school for your child? We believe you’ll find a dependable and effective option in the Meridian School of English. In a world where educational trends often change, Meridian remains a constant, faithfully upholding the principles of a quality British education.

What sets Meridian apart? It’s our commitment to maintaining a team of highly trained and qualified teachers. These educators aren’t just experts in their fields; they’re skilled in connecting with students in a meaningful and modern way.

At Meridian, the enduring values of the British education system are not just a backdrop but are integral to our teaching approach. This ensures that your child not only learns English but does so in a way that builds a solid and lasting foundation.

Let's explore what sets us apart!

Thorough Teacher Screening Process

Our commitment to quality education is reflected in our thorough teacher screening process. We test prospective teachers’ digital skills and their ability to build trust and engagement with students in a friendly and supportive manner.

This ensures that our teachers are not just educators, but also mentors who guide students through their learning journey at our online English school.

Highly Experienced and Certified Teachers

At Meridian, we pride ourselves on our team of British trained and certified teachers. These professionals bring with them the rigour and discipline of the British education system, ensuring that our students receive an education that is second to none. 

This ensures that our teachers are not just educators, but also mentors who guide students through their learning journey.  All our teachers’ academic credentials undergo strict verification.

Expert Assessment of Student Levels

Our teachers’ experience allows them to expertly assess their students’ levels and teach at multiple levels in one class. This personalised approach makes the learning experience uniquely suited to each student.

Our teachers also make recommendations for progressing to the next level and areas for additional focus, ensuring that each student’s learning journey is tailored to their needs.

Strict Safeguarding Protocols 

At Meridian, we understand that a safe environment is conducive to learning and protecting your child online. All our UK-based teachers are subjected to a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Scheme) check, whilst in other locations our teachers undergo a Police Clearance Check.

Our teachers adhere to the strictest safeguarding protocols, ensuring that our classrooms are safe spaces where students can focus on learning without any distractions or concerns.  

Ongoing Professional Development

We believe that great teachers never stop learning. That’s why we mandate ongoing professional development for our teachers.

This enables them to stay on top of new tools, research, and materials that can enrich the learners’ experience. 

A True Calling 

The dedication of our teachers extends beyond the confines of the English language. They are committed to nurturing not just students, but well-rounded individuals destined for bright futures. Their deep care and commitment to their calling are evident in the way they foster growth in their students.

At Meridian School of English, we believe in the power of education to transform lives, and our teachers are the torchbearers of this belief. Their unwavering dedication to their students is a testament to the enduring values of a fine British education.


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