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The blog of Meridian School of English

How To Improve English Fluency: Proven Strategies

Effective strategies that can help you enhance your English fluency and become a more confident and articulate speaker over time.


50 Powerful Learning English Quotes

Learning English is often a non-linear journey, we share 50 of the most powerful learning English quotes to encourage you!

What Are The Benefits of Group Learning For Children?

We explore the benefits of group learning and why it’s so powerful when it comes to learning a foreign language. Read more.


Group Learning vs Individual Lessons: Exploring the Best Approach for English Language Learning

Join us as we delve into the advantages and considerations of group learning vs individual lessons to help you determine the best method for your English language learning journey.

11 Reasons Why Learning English Is So Important

Wondering whether to start learning English? We take a look at 11 reasons why learning English is so important in today’s world.

The Best English Learning Podcasts

Meridian English has explored the best English learning podcasts that will captivate and inspire you on your journey to English fluency.