TOP 5 Christmas English movies for kids -

TOP 5 Christmas English movies for kids

Author: Anna Steindel

Date: 20/12/2022

Author: Anna Steindel

Date: 20/12/2022

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to spend time together. At Meridian English, we know the importance of regularity in learning – as we have already mentioned on our blog. In addition to regular classes, it is worth helping students with creative, pleasant solutions that can be used during the Christmas break. Our educational method is based on fun and the interests of children for effective learning. That is why, we really recommend you watch films as a compliment to English classes. Therefore, we encourage children to watch movies in English.

Playing games, reading books or just watching movies in English is the perfect way to promote English repetition during the Christmas holidays. Here are our 5 favourite Christmas movies for children to learn English. Thanks to them, your children will repeat the knowledge gained during our online English classes and… maybe they will also learn some new English vocabulary. 

Why watch movies in English with children?

For the young learners, entertainment is a great opportunity and at the same time a proven way to learn English. There are studies that suggest, that watching movies help to learn language and new vocabulary and we also certainly agree with the statement that dialogues heard in specific film situations are natural.

By watching movies in English, children learn many words and expressions

Christmas is a time to relax and spend time with your family, but what about fun moments spent together? Have a film evening, during which you will watch an English-language film together. We are sure that you will love this form of spending time. But what to choose? This is where we can help. Here are 5 of our favourite titles with fun and interesting plots that are worth watching at Christmas.

Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie. Classic Christmas Story

Do you know Rudolph? This adventure animated musical is about Santa’s reindeer. When Rudolf is born, it turns out that he has an unprecedented red nose that shines. The film talks about the interesting adventure of a small reindeer, who at first is not confident enough but finally fulfils a dream and leads Santa’s team. Upon his return, he is given the title of the hero who saved Christmas – by distributing gifts. 

Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer is a film that is full of interesting, English dialogues that children will understand but also beautiful songs that will capture the imagination and allow you to learn new vocabulary in English. During this session, you will certainly not be bored, and together with Rudolf, you will spend a wonderful evening together.

The Flight Before the Christmas, the animation full of emotions

Reindeer are the nicest creatures that we associate with Christmas. After all, they are special helpers of Santa Claus. They have a lot of work to do in December. We are sure that together you and your child will love the story of the little reindeer Niko. It’s a movie about Santa and his little helpers, who overcome difficulties to make Christmas successful and magical for everyone.

Here, your little one will not only hear natural English dialogues that children will understand but will see how Niko finds strength and courage, despite his small size, and overcomes his fears. This beautiful animation will allow you to visit the North Pole (at least for a while). Vocabulary, plot and attractive film animations, certainly make it one of the best animated Christmas movies.

Shrek The Halls – perfect short comedy

“This is the part when you run away” of course that’s Shrek’s opinion, not ours. This is probably one of the most popular issues of this green ogre. But stay with us until the end of the article, and we will also give you other suggestions, from which you will choose something suitable for yourself and your children for a Christmas movie night.

You may know about this proposal from our social media. At the beginning of December, we recommended it because it’s full of funny dialogue and English vocabulary. This time, Shrek and his family will spend their first Christmas in the swamp. The problem is, the ogres don’t celebrate anything, and he doesn’t know how to celebrate. Therefore, he buys a textbook in which there are tips and explanations: on how to prepare for a holiday. And do you already know what Christmas looks like for Shrek, Fiona, their little ones and their friends? See for yourself.

The search of Santa Paws – a film about true friendship

If our previous proposals were animations, this time we present you with a movie that even the youngest will love. Santa Claus also needs help this time. During a Christmas trip to New York, he suddenly loses his memory. Who comes to help him? His most faithful friends, elves and … children.

This is an extraordinary film in that children will be interested in dialogues with talking dogs, headed by Santa Paw (the main dog character). This a touching love story. History is full of fun and adventure, but also laughter. It will delight not only the youngest but the whole family.

Home Alone, the ultimate Christmas comedy

Full of humour, resourcefulness, excitement… The story of the McCallister family, who decide to go to Paris for a trip at Christmas. However, in their haste, they forget about Kevin and almost miss their flight. Burglars are interested in the McCallister house, where Kevin is alone and preparing for Christmas. How will an eight-year-old boy cope with the burglars? 

An interesting, funny story about how a young man on Christmas Day confronts two burglars. During this movie, you will have lots of fun and laughter. Although this film was made in 1990, it never gets boring, and always provides plenty of entertainment. And your kids will learn a lot of new English vocabulary.

These are just some of our Christmas recommendations. We tried to combine modern productions with classics, especially for you. We know that December’s proposals are much more than these 5 titles. One of the best ways to learn a language is to watch movies in English, from an early age. Then both girls and boys are more interested in language. And the holidays are a great opportunity to watch an interesting movie together, so why not combine education with entertainment? These videos presented on the Meridian School of English blog show everyday situations and language solutions that can be freely used during our online English classes. In this way, we can help children learn English while having fun.

Which movie will you be watching during the Christmas break? Let us know in the comments. Do you have any favourite movies that you can’t do without for Christmas? We will be happy to read your suggestions and maybe see them for ourselves at Christmas. And if you have any questions, write to us at and we will be happy to help you.


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