5 tips to get the most out of your children’s online English classes -

5 tips to get the most out of your children’s online English classes

Author: Anna Steindel

Date: 14/12/2022

Author: Anna Steindel

Date: 14/12/2022

Learning and memory processes are influenced by class behaviour. At Meridian English, we want the classroom to be a healthy and productive learning environment. We want every child in our group to feel good and happy to come to class.  

That’s why it’s so important to engage your children in the classroom, to learn in a quiet surrounding, and monitoring their behaviour is crucial. Prepare your toddler for online English classes by reading about the best recommendations so that all students can enjoy a satisfactory and effective online English class. 

How to behave during online classes

On the internet, there is a so-called netiquette or internet label. What is it? It’s just appropriate behavior and good manners in our online classroom. Use the right language and let us be kind and patient to our classmates or teachers. After all, other students take part in Meridian English courses, which is why we care so much about common respect for ourselves. Respect breeds respect.  

Respect other opinions and participation times

English classes in groups are the best option for learning language – we already mentioned it there therefore, at Meridian English, students learn in groups of up to 6 people, where they can communicate more easily. That is why it is so important for us that our students treat each other with respect and kindness and do not interrupt each other when speaking.  

Appropriate clothing for online English classes

Importantly, they also do not require you to dress in special uniforms. We just want comfort to accompany them during classes, which will allow effective participation and focus during learning.  

Comfort during lessons makes learning more effective

It is important only that your child’s clothes were comfortable and not restricted to their movements. Remember that it is not pyjamas, which although comfortable, is not appropriate clothing for class time. You can dress your child in pants and a blouse, sweater or T-shirt. You know best what will be good for your child. At Meridian School of English, we take safeguarding very seriously, so it is important that our students are dress appropriately for class.

Find the proper place for online English classes

We want your child to fully focus on the lessons and acquire new knowledge. A quiet and peaceful room will facilitate the work not only for your child but also for their peers or teachers from Meridian School of English. Have you had a chance to read about them? You can do it here. Provide a quiet and comfortable place for example, at the desk or at the table. 

Avoid distractions or toys around your child during lessons

In addition to a peaceful environment, we want your child comfort to have at hand everything that they may need during the course. We suggest that may be useful: a notebook, pen and pencils – for younger for drawing and for making extra notes for the older ones. All that may be needed during our lessons. At Meridian English, the materials we use are online and interactive and they come from Oxford University Press.  

Put technology at the service of your children's English classes

Make sure that everything which might be needed during the lesson, is available. We have already mentioned school supplies. It’s time to introduce you to our technological requirements. A stable internet connection, headphones, microphone, computer or iPad – this is all you need to be able to take a Meridian English course.

Stable internet connection and computer or iPad – that's all you need during our English course

Enable Microsoft Teams and just make sure that the hardware works properly and the internet connection is stable during a video call. Just check before the lesson that everything works properly. Learning English has never been so easy. Have you seen the only requirements your child needs for attending our classes? Take a look at our social media

What if the behavior is inappropriate

It’s important to listen patiently to your peers during the classes. At Meridian English, we want all children to be able to take advantage enjoy and learn in our online English classes. For this reason, when inappropriate behaviors happen, for example too noisy background, the teachers will ask the students to leave the classes until they solve those issue. 

We want all children to be able to take advantage, enjoy and learn in our online English classes

We want your child to make the most of our online English classes, which is why we encourage all students to be in a quiet place and with everything they need for class development without interruptions. Thus, all children in the class will be able to learn English quickly and effectively, while having fun. We know that if everyone follows the class rules, your child will look forward to the next session to continue learning English with us.  

The right learning environment and preparation for classes affects children’s effective learning of a foreign language. If you want to know the rules that students must follow in our classes so that your child can learn effectively, we recommend you take a look at our pictorial code of conduct. Do you still have any questions? Feel free to contact us at: hello@meridianenglish.com. We will be happy to answer your questions.  


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