How to motivate children to learn English -

How to motivate children to learn English

Author: Anna Steindel

Date: 07/12/2022

Author: Anna Steindel

Date: 07/12/2022

Motivation is the most important factor that affects the effective learning of English, especially for children. That is why it is so important that teaching methods are attractive. When we properly encourage and motivate a child, they will get real pleasure from learning a new language. 

How can we motivate children to learn? Check out our tips, read our article and get inspired by Meridian School of English.

What motivates children to learn a language?

First of all, discuss topics in which children are interested. During classes at Meridian English, our teachers use materials from Oxford University Press. These materials are connected to various topics that interest and attract the attention of children. Through an interesting topic, children acquire a good attitude that makes them willing to make more effort and continue learning. Internal motivation is key, besides it is the most effective form of motivation.

When learning is interesting and fun, motivation increases

Like all of us, children want to be good at what they do, but they also want to be appreciated and praised. Praise, encouragement or kind words will motivate children to learn. It is worth telling children that we are proud of them so that they have a sense of success, which is progress in learning English. As a result, their motivation will be greater, their learning more effective, and their self-confidence will increase.  

How can parents influence their child’s motivation?

As a parent, you can instill in your children a passion for learning English. How do we do that? Let’s show them a pleasant way, such as reading bedtime stories or books in English, if you have no idea how to start, then here are our book suggestions.   

Another interesting way will be watching movies and cartoons in English – have you seen our recommendation? And if your child can already read, then it’s a great idea to sing songs in English – turn on the song, display the lyrics to it and have fun together to the rhythm of popular English songs. If your child cannot read yet – then do not worry, nothing is lost. Include a song such as The wheels on the bus and we are sure that the little ones will be delighted.    

If you are passionate about learning English, so is your child

Even if you don’t speak English, nothing is stopping your children from learning the language. Currently, many opportunities make it easier and help children learn a foreign language.  Our online English classes are conducted under the watchful eye of experienced teachers. They are British experts, who will lead your child to succeed in learning a new language.  Just find an offer tailored to the needs of the child. Check out our offer of online English courses for children.

Use online materials and create a digital experience

Children are happy to use modern technologies, which greatly contributes to their development. Using the internet  allows them to learn different skills and develops cognitive and social spheres. We are talking here, not only about online games, but also about various methods of distance learning.

Technology improves language skills

The use of modern technologies not only affects children’s development but also deepens their self-confidence and strengthens motivation. And all this makes children want further success and new achievements. Together with Meridian English, your child will improve not only their English but of course their technological skills. 

Activities to make your child enjoy learning English

Children like to have fun while learning, so why not combine learning with games and play? Games are the best way for children to learn English because they stimulate their imagination. The appropriate game makes sense and allows students to practice all vocabulary, grammar and communication skills.

Learning is a piece of cake when students are motivated

Are you wondering which games will be appropriate? It all depends on the level of advancement of the child. Our experience says that children like to play “Simon says…”. If your child is just learning colours, use colours, if something else – just adjust the level of difficulty to the age. There are many possibilities, we have written about them as well here.

How your children will enjoy learning English with us?

The answer to this question is very simple. They will have fun during our classes. How do we know that? Firstly, our teachers are well-educated – they are Cambridge University or Trinity College London qualified. In addition, they are very creative and combine different methods during their lessons. And secondly, we know this thanks to the opinions of the parents of our students, which you can see on our site. Here is one of them:

My children attended an online course with Meridian English. They were always looking forward to their English classes and enjoying each session. The most important outcome for me – now they take the initiative of learning English, I don't have to push them. (Tiantian He, China)

In addition, during the online classes at the Meridian School of English, children are combined into internationality groups, up to 6 people – read more about our methodology. Despite this, our teachers focus on the individual needs of each boy and girl. Studying with peers of other nationalities contributes to a pleasant atmosphere and motivates them even more.

A good English course will motivate your children to learn the language accordingly. It will also use a variety of methods to help train children’s new-found language skills.  If you want your child to enjoy learning a foreign language – you are well placed. Do you have more questions? Write to us at  


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