How many English classes does your child need per week? -

How many English classes does your child need per week?

Author: Anna Steindel

Date: 21/11/2022

Author: Anna Steindel

Date: 21/11/2022

On our blog, we have already mentioned the quality of teaching in Meridian English, that we are best able to learn before 10 years of age and that group classes are the best option. Now, it is time to answer the question: how many English lessons per week does your child need to learn English effectively?  

This question is a tricky one. It depends on several factors, such as their age and the quality of the English classes. Stay with us till the end of the article, and we are sure we will dispel your doubts.  

Quality and quantity in English lessons

Regular English classes at a minimum of two per week are the best results – as research has confirmed. You may wonder why. This is linked to memory capacity, which is mainly shaped by recalling content, and is simply repeating. If we choose the right frequency for our children, this will have a positive impact on the quality of their education.  

More frequent learning is better learning

What does this mean in practice for our children? Regular classes allow you to learn new vocabulary, grammar, or expressions, and importantly, to review the material from previous lessons. In order to achieve satisfactory learning outcomes, the learning process should include a repetition system, a replay system that is only possible in a few lessons per week. This will allow your children to remember individual words or phrases appropriately and permanently. 

The importance of regularity in learning English

For children especially (but for teenagers too), regular practice is key when it comes to learning a new skill or new language. Thinking about how many English classes children need per week is not just about the number of lessons. It’s also about the quality of those classes

Regular lessons are the most effective because they stimulate memory processes

Frequent and short, 30-minutes sessions will help your child improve skills more quickly than fewer sessions with more time spent on each one. How is it possible? Although the human brain is never tired, children can easily lose interest in learning. During 30 minutes of the lessons, children focus on topic and on their communication skills. Therefore, our methods include brief lessons two or three times a week – here you can check our methodology

The importance of regularity in learning for children

Have you heard about good learning habits? If your children regularly perform activities such as doing homework, reading English books or just taking an English lessons, it will have a positive impact on education. The regular rhythm of the day will allow your children to focus on their online lessons. 

The goal of learning a new language is to understand it

Regular feedback with a well-trained teacher –  read about our teachers. Regularity will allow for verification and the correction of errors and mistakes on the fly while teaching children. This will result in better learning outcomes. In addition, children who practice regularly are more confident, open-minded and believe in their own skills – that is why they can easily communicate in English.  

Overcome small goals on the long road of learning English

The best way to go a long way, like the road to learning English, is to set small goals. How can we do it? The most important thing is to define these goals together with your child. In addition, if you specify a frequency, the target will be easier to achieve. After all, it is your child who wants to achieve it. And we do not want to discourage them from setting targets alone.

Define the goals together with your child

What are the goals you can set for children in English? Booking online English course for kids. Reading English books before going to bed – here you can find books, which we recommend. Listening and dancing to English songs. Watching English movies for kids – we have recommended some on our social media profiles, just click here to check. In overcoming small goals, regularity is also crucial.   

Meridian English method to teach English online

It’s crucial that your child has regularity in their learning and time to repeat and memorise the grammar rules and vocabulary. That is why in Meridian we have three lessons a week for younger children and two times a week for the older ones – 45 minutes of lessons make children not exhausted but curious about English.

Short but regular classes conducted by highly qualified teachers

We want children to have enough time to review the material not only on their own but also during the lessons – when the classes are held once a week, it is not possible to focus attention on the repetition and individual needs of students. At Meridian School of English, we recommend short lessons and that is not only the recommendation from us – click here to check, repeated several times a week to ensure that our students are properly taught – click to read about that more.

Short, regular classes are the best way to learn English online for kids.  Neither too much, nor too little. Do you have any questions? Write to us at We will be happy to answer your questions.

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