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More than just English lessons

How will your child learn during the English classes?

Who will make sure your children enjoy learning English?

How do we make our classes fun and effective?

What certificate will your child receive after each course?

Why do we have the most effective method of learning English?

Meridian English Courses

With different levels, Oxford University Press materials and qualified teachers our courses are designed for children from 5 to 15 years old to learn English faster and more effectively.

Our own developed digital platform allows us to teach English to children in a safe and fun environment. Following a group work methodology based on individualised teaching depending on the needs of each child, our students can learn English by interacting with peers from different countries and doing e-learning activities with Oxford University Press materials.

Course plans

Our English courses are organised in blocks of 3 months; in this way we ensure that children learn English effectively and receive their level certificate periodically.

Class length

We have optimised the session length based on children’s age: 30-minute classes for 5 to 12 year-olds and 45-minute classes for 13 to 15 year-olds.

Interactive sessions

Having online regular live classes with small group of international students (up to 6) help children to learn English faster and more effectively.


1 to 6

For children keen on peer learning

1 to 2

For children needing extra support

Banded by age and level

Our teaching department is in charge of carefully grouping the classes so that children can learn English with peers from different countries of their age and level, and with the most appropriate teacher for the stage they are.

We have a study plan developed specifically and adapted to each age group. Below you can see the structure of each course depending on your child’s age:


Why our system works
  • We focus on improving all core skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening
  • We develop positive learning habits
  • We encourage interaction between students to build natural pronunciation skills
  • We create repeated exposure which helps the students retain information
Why parents and students love our classes
  • We create an environment in which children are happy and feel comfortable
  • Our teachers increase children’s confidence by improving their skills
  • Our digital platform and materials are designed exclusively for learning English
  • Our group classes help children make new international friends and develop social skills
  • We have a system that makes children learn real and functional language to use every day



Meridian School of English is the only online English school where all our teachers are British and are certified by quality institutions such as Cambridge University or Trinity College London.

The teachers that work with us have extensive experience and training in delivering high quality English Language lessons to young learners online. As they are all British citizens or residents of the United Kingdom, they can transmit the most appropriate vocabulary and pronunciation to your children. In addition, we follow selection processes that ensure our teachers are committed to supporting their students and engaging in personal development. Below we present a sample of our teachers.

3% of our revenue goes to supporting developing countries

Boa (mother), China
The lessons give my daughter Chenyu opportunity to experience different way of Education. She is very happy in her class and made a lot progress, this is the best education we as parents expect for our children.
Shine (student), China
我喜欢 Meridian 老师和班级,他们很有趣。我喜欢唱歌、阅读和看奥特曼。
I love Meridian teacher and class, they are very interesting. I like singing, reading and watching Ultraman.
Małgorzata (student), Poland
Było bardzo miło. Pani Katie jest bardzo wesoła. Dziękuję.
It was very nice. Mrs. Katie is very happy. Thank you.
Lidia (mother), Spain:
Al principio le costó un poco a Nicolás adaptarse a este formato, pero ahora está disfrutando y estamos observando un progreso positivo.
At the beginning it cost Nicolas a bit to adapt to this format but he is enjoying now and we are observing a positive progress.
Tiantian He (mother), China:
我的两个孩子参加了子午线学校的线上英语课程,他们都非常期待并享受每一次参与的课程。对我来说课程最重要的成果是 - 现在他们愿意主动学习英语,而不是需要我去驱动他们。
My children attended an online English course with Meridian. They were always looking forward to their online classes and enjoying the lessons. The most important outcome for me – now they take the initiative of learning English, I don’t have to push them.
Laura (mother), Spain:
Nosotros estamos contentos con las clases y Ale también. Le gusta participar, así que las está aprovechando. La profe muy bien.
We are happy with the classes and Ale as well. He likes to participate, so he is making the most of them. The teacher is very good.
Eloisa, Italy
Vi Ringraziamo per questa opportunità, è stata per mio figlio una bella esperienza e il suo approccio verso la lingua inglese è sicuramente migliorato
We thank you for this opportunity, it was a great experience for my son and his approach to the English language has certainly improved.
Chiara, Italy
Molto apprezzata la modalità di insegnamento, svolgere il corso con bambini di diverse nazionalità ha limitato inizialmente un po’ l’interattività tra la classe, ma ha aumentato l’entusiasmo del bambino.Grazie di tutto!
The teaching method was much appreciated, carrying out the course with children of different nationalities initially limited interactivity between the class a little, but increased the child’s enthusiasm. Thanks for everything!

Device requirements needed to join our classes:

The recommended device requirements are PC or Laptop with Windows 10 or 11 with a minimum 10“ screen or an iPad with iOS 14 or higher. A webcam is essential, and we recommend using headphones for an optimal experience.
Minimum hardware requirements are: 1.1 GHz or faster, two core processor; 4.0 GB of RAM; with a 1024 x 768 screen resolution.
Whilst you can use other hardware including Android, some features may be impaired or unavailable.
Please consult Microsoft Teams hardware requirements.


Individual classes – 2 students in the class

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