Best results in learning English for your child: before 10 years of age -

Best results in learning English for your child: before 10 years of age

Author: Anna Steindel

Date: 21/09/2022

Author: Anna Steindel

Date: 21/09/2022

The sooner, the better: we often use this saying in English. We often hear these words in different situations or before making tough decisions. One of these decisions may be the direction of your child’s education. You spend hours looking for the best teacher, and the best school for our littles. Want to give them the best – that is obvious. But did you ever wonder when it is a good time for it? We know, that having lessons in a normal language school may be cumbersome, so the best option is to have online English classes for children.

According to American scientists’ research learning languages before 10 years of age brings the best results. Child at this age wants to repeat everything and memorize that. After 18 years of age – it is the worst learning experience – people’s opportunities are changing. It is harder to remember English words or spelling rules, but also grammar rules. You still have doubts about why your child is learning English online the most effectively by 10 years of age. Stay with us until the end of the article – we will try to prove some benefits to you. 

Children learn more easily

Learning a new language has a positive impact on the mental development of a child. Learning English with Meridian School helps your child in practising memory, concentration, and shaping a sense of responsibility. If they develop these essential skills well at the beginning of their educational path the learning will be more accessible and more fun for them later. 

The sooner child learns English, the better for them

In our school, we are sure, that getting familiar with technology will have a positive influence on the future of your child. Younger kids also easier absorb technological knowledge, which is an opportunity for them in the future. Fast and easy network operation will be highly desirable in many future jobs. Using online Oxford Press materials in our English School makes our students meet with technology improvements every class. We believe that short classes are the most effective, want to know more – check our methodology.

Learning English in school or nursery is not enough

If you want your kid to be fluent in English, help them. How? Reading English books before going to bed, could improve your child’s language skills. Dancing together and singing English songs  – that show the proper pronunciation. If you have more time at the weekend watch an English movie or your favourite cartoon. It doesn’t matter what you do, it is key that it is accompanied by learning English.

Show children that English can be fun

We know that these days parents are busy and do not have too much time to spend repeating what was in the classes. In Meridian classes, our teachers spend a lot of time repeating material. On our platform, there is also an opportunity to replay what was learned during classes. If you don’t know how to replay the last classes, we have a nice video explaining it, check it now. In this way, you and your children can repeat the whole lesson. It is all about your children speaking English better and better after each lesson.

Learning English in groups: the best choice

Experts claim that after 7 years of age, the ease of absorption is a little lower, so that is why we offer lessons for children from the age of 5. Children must have a lot of contact and opportunities to use English. Meridian’s group classes make children speak only English. Groups are up to 6 people from different countries, to ensure that children can communicate properly and use English all the time. Mixed English groups encourage the establishment of international communication – which is important in overcoming the learning barrier.

Children learn easily to communicate using English

Through our online English classes, your son or daughter may broaden their horizons. You may ask how or why?  That is quite simple by lessons in mixed-nationality groups. Merdian’s team know how it is necessary to stay in contact with peers. Making friends with people of the same age affects the proper development of your children. Moreover, in our online English classes, your kids will learn more about other cultures.

English is the future

Investing in your kids’ English skills is an investment for the future. Currently, one foreign language (at a communicative level) is one of the basic requirements in many job offers. It cannot be hidden that in recent years English has become a global language. For us, it is crucial to learn English rules and pronunciation and use English from the best teachers.

The better you know English, the better career perspectives

Who will know English better than British teachers? Exactly. Our teachers’ staff graduated from Cambridge University or Trinity London College. They have a few years of experience teaching children online. This is the basis for proper language learning at Merdian English School.

Just think, that your baby is born smart. Usually, kids learn the language within 2 years, and within 4 years they freely use it. The only what you have to do is to point them in the direction and create the right conditions for learning. So what about learning English online for your child?

Now, everything is clear. Online group classes for 5-15 years of age are the best way for your children to learn English in a proper, fun and effective way. You can read more on our blog by clicking here. Want more information about our online English course for kids? Write to us at We will be glad to help you.


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