2022 Meridian English Awards: we are proud of our students -

2022 Meridian English Awards: we are proud of our students

Author: Anna Steindel

Date: 23/12/2022

Author: Anna Steindel

Date: 23/12/2022

We are about to end the year 2022. For us, at Meridian English, this is a great opportunity to reward our students for their work in our online English classes during the whole year. All of our students deserve to be congratulated for their hard work and dedication in their courses. However, our teachers want to recognize the particular progress in some specific aspects. In today’s article, we will present you with 5 categories and their winners. 

The idea of rewarding students

We have often mentioned that rewards play an important role in the educational process. Rewards motivate learners and inspires them to study, and appreciating effort and results reinforces for kids that hard work pays off. Thanks to this kids feel proud of the fact that they work hard to achieve their set goals.

Rewarding has a positive impact on the educational process

Congratulations, appreciation or praise gives instant results. Thanks to this, toddlers’ behavior can change quickly and effectively. Children will respond from an early age and they will build good habits – more about motivation. You can read about this here. For all these reasons, we want to say goodbye to the year by introducing you to the children who have excelled the most in our online English classes during this year 2022. Read on to discover the Meridian English award categories

Meridian English Attendance Award

Are you wondering what is behind this award? Attendance Award – it is above all regular presence and correct use of our own developed Student Portal. We are pleased to be able to nominate such an award, especially since regular attendance at classes brings long-lasting effects and allows for effective repetition of material. This, in turn, allows you to quickly become confident and proficient in English – take a look at our methodology.  

The 2022 Attendance Award goes to ShiHang Zhou (Zoe) from China

Our 6-year-old student, Zoe, was present in all her 2022 classes, during the course at Meridian School of English. She was able to achieve a 100% attendance in 2022. But they have not been the only one, we also want to highlight other students who have excelled in this category by being present for more than the 90% of their online English classes. These are Liu Luoqi (Lokey) from China, Nicole Da Silva from Italy, Mingze Qin (Charles) from China, Alice Lisco from Italy and Evrim Gençel from Turkey. For all these students, regular attendance has meant being able to learn English in a much easier and more effective way.

Meridian English Kindness Award

We think that one of the keys to effective learning is a healthy and productive learning environment. How can we achieve this? Being for ourselves polite and forgiving during class. The nominees for the Meridian English Kindness Award are Xiaoxi Xin (Cici), Junxi Chen (Ethan) and Ruoyi Xi (Grace) from China and Nicole Da Silva from Italy. But since we can only pick one winner…  

The 2022 Kindness Award goes to Nicole Da Silva from Italy

You want to know why Nicole is the best in this category. Well, this is what your English teacher told us: “Nicole listens intently to others and smiles encouragingly when they answer. She is very friendly and welcoming to all new members of class”. Having such students at Meridian English is a pure pleasure for us!  

Meridian English Confidence Award

Our next award is related to courage and gaining confidence. With this title, we want to promote faith in yourself which we believe is really important for students, particularly for children. It is not without reason that our motto is “from beginner to confident English speaker”. We care not only about the development of language skills but also about the self-improvement of our students. Our teachers have nominated the following students in this category: Davide Russo from Italy, Evrim Gençel from Turkey, Yicheng Zhang (Dora) and Chenyi Zhang (James) and Keira Zhang (Keira) from China, and Carla Rodríguez from Spain.

The 2022 Confidence Award goes to Evrim Gençel from Turkey

“Evrim has grown in confidence exceptionally over the course of a few months. She always says hello and tries to speak with other members of the class before class has started. She always asks to read and reads loudly, confidentially and clearly” this is why Evrim Gençel has made us fall in love during our online English classes with the rest of the Meridian English classmates.   


Meridian English Attitude Award

The Attitude Award is an award that aims to promote a positive attitude and positive learning habits in our students. This is a reward for someone who is constantly contributing a positive attitude to our activities and cares about a good atmosphere during the online English course. There is no shortage of such students in our school, and among the nominees were: Gloria Arnone from Italy, Jiabao Wei (YiYi), Keira Zhang (Keira) and Yang Cui (Crystal) from China, Mehmet Tuna Gönül from Turkey and Danica Mitic from Sweden.  

The 2022 Attitude Award goes to Jiabao Wei (YiYi) - China

Here is the reason, why YiYi has been awarded in this category: “She has come to class eager to learn and participate every class since I started teaching her in March. She has never shown disinterest or impolite behavior, and is a pleasure to teach her”. It is spectacular to have students who are capable of this behavior in our online English classes for children.

Meridian English Tech-wizard Award

The final category is the Tech-wizard Award. As we are an online English school for children and we care a lot about technology education during our classes – something we have also championed through our social media, we want to promote the use of technology during our classes. Our teachers have chosen three students who are great with technology: Shijia Chen (Cindy) and Zixuan Cong (Leo) from China and Emil Vichev from Bulgaria.  

The 2022 Tech-wizard Award goes to Emil Vichev - Bulgaria

According to our teachers, the title of Tech-wizard is given to Emil. Why? Because “he shows great ability at using his device, always has his camera on and is in good view, and has learned to always turn off his mic if there is background noise”. This 8-year-old has learned to use technology not only for his own good but also for more effective learning for his peers.  

Here are the nominees and winners of our 2022 Meridian English Awards. As we have often mentioned, we are very proud of all our students. Therefore congratulations to all! What is certain is that from the beginning of 2023, at Meridian English we will improve children skills and help them to learn English together with pleasure. We also take advantage of this article to wish all the students of our online English classes for children and their families, Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2023


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