5 tips to help children with online learning -

5 tips to help children with online learning

Author: Anna Steindel

Date: 2/11/2022

Author: Anna Steindel

Date: 02/11/2022

The internet is a powerful tool that has recently been used primarily for work and learning. It contains much valuable knowledge but also some dangers. Comfort and security are the most important things for us in our online classes.

Because of the unique nature of the Meridian School of English, our students are participating in virtual learning. We want time spent in online classes to be productive and useful for children. That is why we want to give you our 5 tips to help your kids learn English online.

Help to catch up on technological aspects

Understanding the definition of e-learning is crucial. One of these definitions is “eLearning is using computer technology for distance education”. In order for learning to be effective, we need to help children learn technology. Let’s show them that online lessons can also attract attention and interest. What will be useful? Getting interesting content for them.

Attract attention through computer technology

In our online classes, children need to focus on their attention for only 30 minutes. What positively affects effectively participating in the lesson at all times. To attract their attention, we use various modern technology-based methods – click here to read about more. Interactive materials from Oxford University Press – help your kids know and learn new technologies at the same time.

Configure parental control systems

As we have already mentioned, the internet can also be a source of danger. Therefore, it is so important to prevent and talk with your children about how should use it properly. Fortunately, the Internet shows the range of solutions you can take to make your kids feel more secure in cyberspace.

The most important aspect is the prevention

Make sure that all programs are up to date. Run updates to decrease potential online risks and help them make safer choices. You can also install parental controls, which allow you to filter websites, block apps or games and regulate your child’s purchases online. And one more: an equally good way to warn children about online dangers is to talk with them about cyberbullying. It is key to know appropriate and inappropriate interactions with such behaviours.

Stay close but distant

Children want to be more independent of their parents. Give them a sense of freedom, but be close enough so they can ask for your help if they need you. In our online English classes, we try to help your children as we can, so, for the duration of the lesson, you can do your own household chores.  Show your children that it is worth asking for help. That way you will build trust together.

Be close enough to help them when they need that

However, it is worth them having a little freedom so that they can learn some of the techniques themselves. Remember to limit the time your children use technology. It is important that you take the time to do other exercises, such as a sport, so as to keep the balance between learning online and different activities.

Create a climate of trust in which they can participate

Any conversation with your child builds trust. When you talk to your baby about topics such as technology and cybercrime you know that they are prepared for different situations. They also know that they can talk and inform you about different behaviours of theirs, and of their peers.

At first: build the trust

If they notice worrying behaviour on the network, they will inform you immediately. Support of parents to children and vice versa is very important and builds bonds and trust. Children can feel safe when the parents react in the proper way. More trust means less worry, less stress and more peace of mind.

Be patient with your child's online classes

Even if you know that your children, during online classes make mistakes – be patient. Maybe they are a little disassociated – just be patient. Maybe they can’t find desk space or today they are extremely mobile. If it doesn’t happen too often, just be patient. Each of us can have a slightly less efficient or simply a worse day.

Patience is key to be successful in online classes

It is difficult to focus the attention of the youngest in the lesson. But at Meridian English, we have a solution. Our teachers, give their best to keep your little ones in focus and gain an interest in English lessons and the topics that are being discussed there. The materials used by the youngest, in combination with the passion of our teachers, give incredible effects. Well, have you had the opportunity to meet our teachers? Just click here, to get to know them.

As you see, online learning is a process that we all need to learn. Both children and adults. Together, we need to bring children into the world of technology and show them the benefits. We must also say that if the internet is misused, it will cause harm. Without prevention and trust, we will not be able to bring children into this world of technology.

At Meridian School of English, we keep children safe in cyberspace and effective learning for them. If you have any questions, just write to us at hello@meridianenglish.com. Together, we will make sure that children are safe online.


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