Student Accommodation
  in Plymouth and Portsmouth

All our accommodation is carefully chosen and monitored to ensure that high standards are maintained and that you will be comfortable and happy while at our English language school. We keep in close touch with all our accommodation providers and students to ensure quality. The accommodation is selected before you arrive. We would advise you to book your accommodation at least four weeks before the date of your arrival to guarantee the type you require.


Full Board

This is where you have a bed, breakfast, packed lunch, and evening meal 7 days a week.

Half Board

This is the same as full board but without the packed lunch on WEEK DAYS.



You live in a house as though you are at home. You have your own key and come and go as you please paying respect to the host.

We recommend homestay accommodation for those who wish to benefit from home comforts and atmosphere.

Staying in a homestay is probably also the best way to practise your English and generally learn about the British way of life.

We do our best to ensure that students are placed within walking distance of the school.

Weekly bus passes can be purchased from Student Services for less than £30 per week if you decide you would still prefer to catch a bus to school.


The home is decorated to a luxurious standard. You will have a room to yourself in a large home with ensuite or a dedicated guest bathroom.

You will experience British eating at its best, wine will be served with your main meal and the little extras you would expect. Your hosts will be welcoming, informed and engaging.


The home is decorated to a good standard. You will share a room with one other person or you can upgrade to a room to yourself.

You will share bathroom/s and other facilities with the members of the household and/or their guests. There will be no more than three other guests from other countries staying in the home. Your dining will reflect the diversity of the region. Your hosts will be welcoming and engaging.

Bed & Breakfast   

This is generally a large house or small hotel. Bed and Breakfast accommodation provides only a room and breakfast. It does not include other meals or laundry which must be paid for separately.


You get a bedroom to yourself and you have a choice of traditional English or Continental breakfast in the hotel.

It does not include other meals or laundry which must be paid for separately. There are different hotel options available dependent on your budget.

Student Residence


You will be living in a single room with en-suite facilities, have access to the communal kitchen, common room where you can socialise with other students and a study room. Our Plymouth University student residence accommodation is a short commute from the Swarthmore Centre and is very popular with the international learners.